Liz’s Hair Design is a dream come true

Liz VanBeilen hairstylist and owner of Liz’s Hair Design.
Finding the balance between work and home can be a challenge.
Liz VanBeilen, owner of Liz’s Hair Design Spa Beauty and Personal Care has managed to conquer the challenges on the way to a balanced life, one at a time.
These days she enjoys a great balance between her successful and popular at-home hair salon located in her home in South Mountain at 2988 Lough Rd. and her growing family.
Liz has two children, Tate who is four years old and Grace who is six years old. Working from home allows her to be able to mesh her family life with her working environment.
Liz attended Seaway district High School in Iroquois.
She had always been interested in hair styling and the art of learning how to make the most of what nature had started.
After she graduated from Seaway she knew what she wanted to do. Liz went to Ottawa to attend the Marvel Beauty School.
Liz’s Hair Design, 2988 Lough Rd. South Mountain.
“I had always been interested in styling,” she remembers. The art and skill came to her naturally and now, seven years later, sitting in her home salon, she is thrilled with her decision.
“I knew that someday I would want to start a family,” she said.
After working in Kemptville at a hair salon for a while she made her decision to give working from home a try, and she is glad she did.
“At first I was nervous and there was a great deal of learning to do.” Her business Liz’s Hair Design did not take a long time to begin to prove her decision to work from home in South Mountain was the right one.
Looking around her workplace she proudly points out, “I can say that all of this is mine.”
Working from home has one negative side and that is not getting out into the world as much as she would like so Liz volunteers at Nation View School and enjoys the many relationships she has made through her business over the years. As her children get older she has considered extending her hours to compliment the extra time she will have here and there as her children spend more time at school. Relocating or starting up a second hair styling business does not seem to be of much interest to Liz.
She is content with running her business from home. “I had no idea there was so much to learn about running your own business but each year, I would find out more about it and get better at it,” she said. These days Liz will attend the odd business seminar to make sure her business is able to take advantage of the latest entrepreneurial information. She attends hair design seminars to keep abreast of up and coming trends and techniques.
Liz views each of her clients as a welcome challenge. “It is creative and fun.”
She finds the hair colouring aspect of her craft fun as well as challenging. “You do not always know what a client has been using to colour their own hair,” she explained. She has to understand the client’s vision and expectations and marry that up with what she is able to do for them. “Sometimes what a client wants to do cannot be achieved all at once. It may take several sessions to take them to where they want their hair and colour and look to go.”
Liz explained,” as a professional you have to understand your client and be honest with them about expectations. You have to be able to look at the whole picture.”
Another aspect of her business that Liz enjoys is whenever she goes on site at a wedding location to look after beauty and hair needs.
Liz believes that the good relationships she makes with her clients are crucial to her success. “There are many hairstylists out there who want a good relationship with their clients. Here, in my home, people have a really good experience. If they have children they are able to play, if they have a baby they are able to watch it and at the same time give themselves some me time.”
She says sometimes her client’s children are having too much fun to want to go home. They never get bored, she says, there is always something for them to do.
Liz’s Hair Design has grown and matured over the past seven years and Liz is where she wants to be. “I am quite content with the setup I have here. I am able to work and provide a good product while at the same time look after my family.”
For more information about Liz’s hair design please check out her Facebook page at or email; her at or call her at 613-859-6752.
Liz’s Hair Design is a perfect place to get men’s, women’s and children’s haircuts as well as hair colouring using Redken hair colour and products.

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