King’s Pizza

Jay Mitchell loves what he does as owner and manager of King’s Pizza in South Mountain.

From King’s Pizza to your table

The modern day pizza can trace its roots back at least 7,000 years.
The pizza has a noble ancestry.
Archaeologists suggest that even that far back in ancient history, people added toppings to their bread to make it more favourable. Historians believe the ancient Greeks had a flat bread that they covered with herbs, onion and garlic. Apparently in the 6th. Century, Persian soldiers used their battle shields to bake flat breads with cheese and dates.
King’s Pizza in South Mountain carries on that delicious tradition of creating a pizza that you cannot forget.
It has been seventeen years since Jay Mitchell, the owner and chef at King’s Pizza, has been using his considerable skills to produce a pizza selection that can compete with anyone.
He has gotten very good at it and his customers have returned his effort with their loyalty.
A pizza from King’s Pizza has become a regular tradition in South Mountain and the surrounding area.
Perfect pizzas at great prices and excellent customer service are a recipe for success.
Getting King’s Pizza to the place it is now took some time and a great deal of hard work.
“I started here in April of 2000,” remembers Jay.
“I knew the people who owned it at the time and they had been going at it for two years.”
Jay was no stranger to the hospitality industry. He worked at the Swan on the Rideau for 12 years and then at the Red Dot in Osgoode.
“I ran into the owners of King’s pizza one day. I was at a part in my life when I felt I was ready to buy a house,” he said. King’s Pizza is the bottom floor of a two story building with an apartment on the second floor so the business and home idea was perfect for Jay. “It worked out perfectly.”

King’s Pizza and Ice Cream 10605 Main Street, South Mountain, Ontario.

He says owning and managing King’s Pizza was a relatively easy transition to make from his past work-life.
It was the perfect time in his life to go off on the kind of adventure that resulted in a successful business.
“I was single and had no children. There was no one depending on me,” he said. Ironically he was never looking for a pizza place . “It found me.”
There were a few changes he wanted to make right away. First, was fixing up the front of the store. He put a deck in and all new siding along the front. Then he started to make changes to his pizza recipes. He created his own sauce and planned his menu. To the menu he added pasta dishes and a great variety of pizzas for just about every pizza lover.
Once he had established his pizzas as the best around he made more changes. The pizza store had a 1954 Blodgett stove. Jay purchased a new pizza oven. Then a new refrigerator. Several years after he bought King’s Pizza, Jay added ice cream to his menu. He uses only the best scooped ice cream from the Kawartha Lakes Dairy.
King’s Pizza is different from most other pizza places. The area it services is too great to be efficiently covered with a delivery service. “It is such a big area out the,” said Jay.
“Instead of that I try to offer a better product at fair prices.”
His customers do not seem to mind stopping by to pick up their pizza and having a chat with Jay at the same time.
King’s Pizza is a focus point for South Mountain. He hires students when he can and over the years he has employed more than 36 students. “They all come back to visit,” he said.
Jay does all of the cooking and that means ten-hour days are fairly normal for him. It’s non-stop working as each day he prepares what he will need for that particular day.
He has made a few concessions. “When I first bought it everything was made by hand. Eventually I had to buy a machine to help out. Jay continued to work on his recipes and brought in gluten free dough fir his pizzas.
Along with changing his sauce recipe he also changes the cheese mixture he uses.
Now he uses Oak Grove brick cheese. He also prepares all of his topping fresh every day. He estimates it takes him around two hours each day to prepare all the food and items he will be using that day.
Because his customers have remained so loyal and love his pizzas he is able to think ahead about what customers will order at any given time. “Sometimes I have to remind customers as to what they normally order on there pizza”.
Pizza is a perfect food for millions. You can have it served up in so many ways.
“I am always looking for new toppings to add,” said Jay.
King’s Pizza is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The hours are from 3 p.m. To 9 p.m. Each day except for Fridays when it is open until 10 p.m..
King’s Pizza and ice cream has a web page as well as a Facebook page. King’s has more than 50 tasty items on its menu from salads, wraps, to pizzas and subs.
Their phone number is 613-989-1293 and they are located at 10605 Main Street, South Mountain. Their wesite is: